Expanding in-patient services

Since our inception, we have only offered outpatient services and have lacked the ability to provide critical surgery and recovery services to patients

A large percentage of patients we treat have a need for inpatient services before outpatient services can be offered. We are looking to expand and build upon the strong outpatient foundation we have built, and become the main point-of-contact for our patients.

Donations will go towards building a new in-patient wing at our main and only campus.

  • Tumor excision: We aim to offer tumor excision surgery to patients on an inpatient basis before starting chemotherapy treatment on an outpatient basis.
  • Recovery: Patients are monitored after tumor excision to determine the viability of chemotherapy.

Improving diagnostic infrastructure

Diagnostic and imaging equipment is offered in-house, but our equipment is starting to show its age.

Diagnostics and imaging is an integral part of our operations, delivering accurate results to patients on their diagnoses and recovery process. Having up-to-date diagnostic and testing infrastructure will give our technicians the ability to execute faster and more confidently, increasing the number of patients we are able to treat.

Donations will go towards improving and maintaining said infrastructure.

  • Medical Imaging: Our medical imaging equipment is extremely fragile must be maintained on a daily-basis. Maintaining our expensive infrastructure requires significant on-going costs.
  • Cancer testing: Testing for cancer is a first-step in the cancer recovery process - a step that must be as accurate as possible, but our equipment and buildings are starting to show their age.